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At Healing By Growing, you'll find a haven for spiritual growth, personal healing, community engagement and professional transformation rooted in therapeutic farming agricultural practices.

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The Healing By Growing community fosters a holistic healing approach that reconnects survivors to themselves, nature, and the environment. We seek to empower individuals to engage in sustainable permaculture farming practices with the goal of creating a positive social impact.

We offer the opportunity for the brain injury community to connect with the earth, find cultural healing, while learning environmental best practices and reducing local food deserts. The program treats the whole person - mind, body, soul and spirit. Our holistic recovery program uses a REDI (racial, equitable, diverse and inclusive) lens approach representative of all marginalized groups.

Our brain injury community green space located on the shoreline offers an ADA accessible respite landscape for brain injury survivors to regroup and regenerate; Sanando Our Brain, Our Spirit and Our Soil. As part of the recovery process, we offer a safe space to relax and heal. Many individuals don’t have gardens that provide a place for refuge and promote healing in patients, families, and caregivers. A quiet retreat needed to silent their minds, souls and bodies to rest and get in tune with their inner self; all which is a major component in the healing process.

Through experiential therapeutic farming sessions and holistic healing activities farm guests (aka trauma survivors) will learn basic gardening, composting, husbandry, hydroponics, aquaponics, apiculture, propagation of crops, plants and trees; grow and harvest diverse medicinal herbs, specialty crops and food reconnecting many with their own heritages and cultures while learning permaculture sustainable ways for self-sufficiency, self-reliance, environmental conservation; increased skills, potential added income opportunities and vocational skills, while giving back to communities in need by donating the harvest to local food deserts.

A large part of our mission is to coach, educate, advocate, research and raise Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) awareness for farmers, growers, farm service providers, their families, workers and caregivers. We've identified a lack of TBI training, awareness, access, inclusion and preparedness particularly in agricultural communities where research establishes a strong link and connection between TBI’s, mental health and suicide.

Founder Dr. Ivette Ruiz will lead Farming Disability Integration Consultations in an effort to coach and train on issues of disabilities, food justice, diversity, equity and inclusion impacting negatively underrepresented minorities'; while gathering much-needed research, increasing advocacy and awareness.

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