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Healing By Growing

Trauma Recovery Through Experiential Farming  

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At Healing By Growing you'll find a haven for spiritual growth, personal healing, and professional transformation rooted in regenerative agricultural practices.

We believe that everyone deserves to live a life full of purpose and meaning.

Our mission is to empower and provide a safe place for the brain injury community to recover or maintain wellbeing through the power of nature, animals and meaningful activities. We welcome survivors, families and caregivers to come heal and grow. 

Our Healing By Growing community is made up of survivors and passionate volunteers, and we welcome you or your loved one to come engage in rehabilitation designed specifically around the needs of those living with brain injury as well as their families/caregivers. We also welcome inquiry on resources in your community that can support recovery from brain injury – we know this system can be tough to navigate and we are here for you! 

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Our Values


​​Human disposition that fuels acts of love, kindness, grace and mercy

towards others in need.




Breadth of individualism, backgrounds, perspectives, character,

expertise and thought.




Accountability towards inclusiveness, self and others.




Respect, concern and empathy for the dignity and variety of life.

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